Programme 2021

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NEXT EVENT: Wednesday 9th May at 6.30 pm 

Robert Marcus


Friday January 22nd

at 6.30 pm (18.30)

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Puglia in  the 'Belle Époque'

Paul Arthur,

Director of the post-graduate School of Archaeology, University of Salento, President of the Italian Medieval Archeological Society 

        with a passion for Art Nouveau            


Friday February 19th

at 6.30 pm (18.30)

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Liverpool. Basket case or loveable  rogue?

Ian Gavin

Lettore at the University of Salento

since 1988

A musical and sociocultural journey from the post Merseybeat years, through the economic devastation of the 1970s, Mrs. Thatcher's "managed decline" of the 1980s and the political and social turmoil that was to follow.         


Public Order and Social Control:

an American Police Story

Matthew Zingraff

Professor of Criminology and Sociology, 

Consultant to the US Department

of Civil Rights


Friday March 19th

at 6.30 pm (18.30)

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Friday April 9th

at 6.30 pm (18.30)

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Ordinary Women

on an Extraordinary Quest


 Dr. Sarah-Louise Jones

Senior Fellow of the HEA, Senior Lecturer at the University of Hull


team member of the First All Female Expedition to the Geographic North Pole


1997 UK Woman of the Year Award



Friday April 30th

at 6.30 pm (18.30)

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Prof. Keith Mason


Photo by NASA on Unsplash