Programme 2020

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NEXT EVENT:  December 11th at 6.30 pm (on Skype)

Friday January 10th  

at   6.30 pm (18.30)

at Mediateca

(University, Studium 2000.

See Location). 


       “Story Telling: The Language of Photography”


Thomas Katan, 



Life Coach

Images are the fastest medium to relay information.

Yet not all images work. So what is it that can help or hinder telling your story through a photograph?

Friday January 24th  

at   6.30 pm (18.30)

at Jewish Museum

via Umberto 1




"A visit to the Jewish Museum"

Fabrizio Lelli,

Professor of Hebrew Studies


Director of the Jewish Museum, Lecce 

Friday February 7th  

at   6.30 pm (18.30)

 at Mediateca

(University, Studium 2000.

See Location). 



 "The 3 Myths of Chinese Medicine - Exposed"


Teressa Canosa,

American acupuncture therapist


local resident


Wednesday May 6th

at 6:30 pm (18:30) 


Click on the picture to see the video recording

              “Gallipoli and Sofia Stevens”

An English poet and her family in Terra d'Otranto

Nicolette James

Sussex-bred teacher, author


long-term resident.

Friday May 22nd

at   6.30 pm (18.30)                        


"Forensic linguistics for beginners:

"For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."
Matthew 12:37”

Thomas Christiensen,

Professor of English

and Translation Studies,

University of Salento


Thursday June 18th         

at   6.30 pm (18.30)                        

 "How to read a film: an insight into how successful films are made”  


James Kendall,

Film studies lecturer/director


Friday September 18th

 at   6.00 pm (18.00)                 at Masseria Solicara

via Adriatica Lecce - Torre Chianca



"The Queen and I: interpreting for the Queen across the decades"

Maria Rosaria Buri,

professional interpreter,

Professor of Translation Studies,

University of Salento 


Friday October 9th

 at   6.30 pm (18.30)                 at Masseria Coccioli - Casalabate

How to get there

Due to Covid-19 measures, it is necessary to book in advance.

Please book here

You are invited to stay after the talk for drinks and snacks.


"Europe: the good, the bad and the ugly"

Emma Brannlund,

Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, 


Emiliano Trizio, 

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy,

University of the West of England, Bristol


Friday October 23rd

at   6.30 pm (18.30)                   at Manifatture Knos

Via Vecchia Frigole, 36, Lecce 

how to get there

Due to Covid-19 measures, it is necessary to book in advance.

Please book here

“Reading Lecce’s Streets”


Peter Byrne

Chicago-born writer


long-term resident


Friday November 20th

at   6.30 pm (18.30)   

The meeting will be held on Skype. Click here to join the meeting (no account needed).


 "Mamma! The Turks are coming!!: 

Captivity and Ransoming in

17th Century Southern Italy”  


Rosita D’Amora,

Professor of Turkish

and Middle Eastern Studies


Friday December 11th

at 6.30 pm (18.30)

Skype meeting


carols, cards, crackers and all the trimmings


Nicky James,

Sussex-bred teacher, author


long-term resident


Friday January 22nd

at 6.30 pm (18.30)

Venue to be announced


Puglia in  the 'Belle Époque'

Paul Arthur,

Director of the post-graduate School of Archaeology, University of Salento, President of the Italian Medieval Archeological Society 

        with a passion for Art Nouveau            

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